Bane of Moms

Stubborn Stretch Marks

It is very normal to have stretch marks or cellulite during pregnancy, but nowadays many women are not satisfied with the appearance of these lines on their once-smooth skin. Regardless of whether the lines are deep or light, Life Young's VENUS VIVA ™ FX Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment uses nano-fractional radiofrequency and intelligent scanning technology to stimulate the growth of collagen-producing cells, improve skin smoothness and firmness, and restore skin elasticity, making it no longer rough.

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VENUS VIVA™ FX Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment
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Do you have concerns about stretch marks?

VENUS VIVA ™ FX Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment

Technology: Using patented Nano-Fractional RF™ and Smartscan™ technology, 160 nano-electrodes penetrate the skin, producing ablation and thermal coagulation in a dot matrix pattern to remove epidermal and dermal tissue and rebuild skin tissue, while opening up tiny channels. This helps with keratin renewal and stimulates fibroblast cell growth in the underlying layers, restoring skin firmness and smoothness. It effectively targets skin problems ranging from mild to severe.
[Targeted Concerns]

Stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, scars, etc

Can stretch marks during pregnancy be prevented?

Preventable but Not Completely Avoidable

An article suggests that it is necessary to start using stretch mark prevention products after three months of pregnancy, as that is when the belly starts to show and using such products can achieve the desired effect. However, to prevent stretch marks, it is best to start before pregnancy. Mothers planning to become pregnant can exercise more before pregnancy to increase skin elasticity, absorb more protein, and thus have a better chance of reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Why VENUS VIVA ™ FX Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment?

Even Enegry

Using non-sequential uniform scanning technology makes the heat and cooling time more evenly distributed on the skin, while printing or continuous scanning technology can result in uneven energy distribution, which can affect the treatment effect and increase the risk of burns.

Non-penetration into Epidermis

The energy can simultaneously treat surface, middle, and deep skin problems, but it will not penetrate into epidermis, which reduces the chance of surface wound infection and greatly reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Short Downtime

The NanoFractional RF™ patented technology creates microwound with only 150x20 microns formed by the electrides, which helps shorten the repair time. It takes 3-7 days for a complete recovery, allowing patients to return to their daiy lives.

Short Treatment Time

The Smartscan technology easily covers the entire area, and the treatment can be completed in 10-20 minutes. The process is simple and fast.

VENUS VIVA ™ FX Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment

Step 1
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Our professional doctors will explain the theory, technology, things to note and steps of VENUS VIVA ™ FX Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment , and discuss and evaluate with you to personalise a treatment plan, including treatment areas.

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Pre-treatment Care

Life Young’s professional therapist/doctors will first cleanse your face and mark the treatment area; test on a small area on the skin to ensure there aren’t any adverse reactions before performing the full treatment procedure.

Step 3
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When the tip touches the skin, you might feel a small cooling sensation, and then a deep, warming sensation. Doctors/therapists will constantly ask you for reassurance to strike a balance between treatment results and comfort.

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Post-treatment Follow-up

After completing the treatment, a professional consultant will ask you about your thoughts and opinions on the treatment, and observe your skin’s reaction to the treatment. After making sure everything is fine, they will then go through the aftercare to ensure the most optimal treatment results.

Proven Results

  • Instant results and lasting time may vary across different skin types, age, the extent of ageing, lifestyles and eating habits.
  • The results photos are provided by the manufacturer.
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