LY Membership Exclusive Benefits
Accumulated amount of spending requirement
Spend over HK$1
Spend over HK$30,000
Spend over HK$100,000
Spend over HK$300,000
LY Coins exchange rate (Spending from HK$100 or above for any treatments)
HK$100 = 1 Coins
HK$100 = 1.5 Coins
HK$100 = 1.8 Coins
HK$100 = 2 Coins
Exclusive discount (Only for the regular-priced treatment)
5% Off Discount (excluding promotional treatments)
10% Off Discount (excluding promotional treatments)
15% Off Discount (excluding promotional treatments)
Priority reservation for private VIP Room
Friend referral reward
LY coins
LY coins
LY coins
LY coins
Double/ Triple LY Coins in birthday month (Spending from HK$100 or above for any treatments)
Exclusive birthday privilege (Enjoy complimentary treatment)
Please check with the LY membership Terms and Conditions for more details.
Members can enjoy an additional 'Premium Discount' upon spending the specified amount of regular-priced treatments or promotional packages (Special offers/ Promotional items are not included)
$50,000 / 5% off$80,000 / 10% off$150,000 / 15% off
LY Members Guidelines:
Members will enjoy corresponding membership benefits upon each upgrade, excluding additional " Premium Discount " privileges that have already been enjoyed.
1 LY coin = $1; LY coins can be converted into cash dollars for consumption.
Enjoy double/ triple LY coins for one-time purchase in the birthday month.
LY Membership Terms and Conditions
1. Become a LY member with any purchase for the first time. The membership level is determined by the amount of consumption.
2. The membership is permanent. Once you become a member, your membership tier will last for one year, depending on the spending required for that year.
3. If a member reaches the spending required for a higher-tier membership, the tier will be automatically upgraded, and the one-year membership period will be recalculated from that day.
4. "Exclusive Discount" is only applicable to regular-priced treatments.
5. "Premium Discount" is applicable to regular-priced treatments and discounted combos with designated amounts and is not applicable to other special offers or promotional items. "Premium Discount" cannot be used in conjunction with LY coins.
6. "Exclusive Discount" cannot be used in conjunction with "Premium Discount."
7. LY coins can be redeemed for regular-priced treatments, discounted packages, first-time trial treatments, or purchases of regular-priced products.
8. LY coins cannot be redeemed for other special offers or promotional items.
9. LY coins can be earned by spending $100 or more on any course of treatment according to the corresponding membership tier.
10. LY coins are non-transferable.
11. Once LY coins have been redeemed, they cannot be cancelled or converted to other treatments or gifts.
12. The amount of the invoice after redeemed LY coins shall be rounded to the nearest dollar (if applicable).
13. LY coins are valid for two years and will be refreshed after each consumption. All outstanding LY coins will expire when an LY membership account has not recorded any consumption for a consecutive period of two years.
14. If a member recommends a friend who successfully purchases any treatments and becomes a new member, the member can enjoy the Friend Referral Reward based on the corresponding membership tier.
15. Members can enjoy double/triple coins on their first purchase day in the month of their birthday.
16. Advance reservations for the private VIP room are required and are subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis.
17. Life Young reserves the right to revoke, alter, add to or vary the contents of these terms and conditions without notice.
18. In the event of any dispute, Life Young Medical Group Limited reserves the right to make the final decision.

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