Loose and Saggy Face?

ULTRA V® Shapes Ideal Facial Contouring

As we age and are affected by the force of gravity, facial sagging becomes increasingly visible. In addition to radiofrequency treatments, there are other methods to enhance facial contours. ULTRA V® Thread Lifting Treatment can deeply support the facial tissues affected by aging and sagging, resulting in an immediate visible lifting effect that is long-lasting.

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ULTRA V® Thread Lifting Treatment
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ULTRA V® Thread Lifting Treatment

ULTRA V® uses two main types of fine threads, including PDO Threads and PCL Threads. PDO Threads come in two types of threads, including Mono smooth threads and Tornado Threads. PCL Threads come in three types of threads, including Mono smooth threads, Tornado Threads, and Double Twist smooth double threads.

Technology: Developed by a renowned Korean anti-aging beauty experts, ULTRA V® uses appropriate thread materials for different facial areas to lift and tighten the skin. The barbed threads are implanted into the skin using minimally invasive techniques and tightened towards the center to stimulate collagen production. The threads' barbs create supportive tension, tightening loose skin and building a stable mesh-like structure in the dermis layer to stimulate collagen regeneration and achieve a firming and lifting effect.

[Targeted Concerns]

Sagging skin, double chin, flat nose, wide nose, nasal bridge, fat-type eye bags, dark circles, tear troughs, forehead wrinkles, neck wrinkles, and fine lines and wrinkles


Causes of Sagging Skin

Getting Old

As we age, the bones in our face gradually change shape, leading to issues such as hollowness and sagging cheeks. Additionally, facial muscles can become loose and saggy, losing elasticity and support, resulting in less defined facial contours. To restore facial contours, it is necessary to lift the skin. In addition to using energy-based radiofrequency devices, thread implantation can also be considered. This non-surgical treatment is effective in lifting and enhancing facial contours with results lasting up to two years after a single session.


Why ULTRA V® Thread Lifting Treatment ?


Leading Expert in Korean Anti-aging Beauty Industry

Dr. Kwon, the founder of the brand, is one of the first experts in Korea to use protein threads for tightening and lifting. Over the past decade, he has provided materials, equipment, and professional training in over 60 cities, leading the way in ULTRA V®'s medical technology around the world.

Stimulate Collagen Production

After completing the Mono smooth thread treatment, collagen production is stimulated 24 hours a day for up to six months, resulting in continuous skin tightening.

Natural and Safe Ingredients

Neither type of fine thread will remain in the body, as they naturally dissolve over time. Made with natural and soft materials, the threads are biocompatible, have no foreign body sensation, and are safe for the human body.

Long-lasting Result

The treatment shows immediate results, with PDO Threads lasting for 6-12 months or more, and PCL Threads lasting for over 24 months. The procedure has minimal scarring and a short downtime. It is also considered a very safe treatment option.

ULTRA V® Thread Lifting Treatment Steps

Step 1
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Professional Skin Analysis

Life Young’s professional aesthetic experts will use the 7th generation of VISIA facial imaging system and patented RBX technology to diagnose the 8 major skin concerns and analyse the condition of the dermis and epidermis, including wrinkle distribution and numbers, size of pores, smoothness and sagginess of skin, and more. They will then predict and analyse the skin condition in 5-7 years before curating a solution according to the conditions.

Step 2
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Personalised Advice

Our professional doctors will explain the theory, technology, things to note and steps of ULTRA V® Thread Lifting Treatment , and discuss and evaluate with you to personalise a treatment plan, including treatment areas.

Step 3
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Pre-treatment Care

Life Young’s professional therapist/doctors will first cleanse your face and disinfect the treatment area; confirm the treation area with customers and inject anesthesia to ensure there aren’t any adverse reactions before performing the full treatment procedure.

Step 4
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During the Treatment, customers may only feel a slight pinching and foreign body sensation. The treatment typically takes 15-30 minutes, during which the doctor will continuously monitor the customer's condition and strive to strike a balance between treatment effectiveness and comfort.

Step 5
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Post-treatment Follow-up

After completing the treatment, a professional consultant will ask you about your thoughts and opinions on the treatment, and observe your skin’s reaction to the treatment. After making sure everything is fine, they will then go through the aftercare to ensure the most optimal treatment results.

Proven Results


ULTRA V® Thread Lifting Treatment
Use surgical sutures commonly used in hospitals, which are modified into barbed threads and then inserted into the facial fascia layer in a radiating pattern
Use focused ultrasound technology to apply segmented and targeted heating to a specific area, delivering thermal energy to the dermis and fascia layer
1.5mm、3.0mm and 4.5mm under skin
3.0mm and 4.5mm under skin
Noticeable Results
Number of Treatments
3-6 Treatments
Lasting Time
1-2 years
1-2 years
Treatment Time
15-30 minutes
60分 minutes
KFDA approved
without certificate
  • Instant results and lasting time may vary across different skin types, age, the extent of ageing, lifestyles and eating habits.
  • The results photos are provided by the manufacturer.
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