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Studies have shown that over 73% of Asians suffer from hereditary hair loss, including many women. Hair loss often has no obvious warning signs, and when the signs of hair loss begin to appear, it indicates that the hair follicles have begun to weaken and shrink. If not addressed in a timely manner, the situation will only continue to worsen. Currently, the only fast and effective solution is surgery, let alone ordinary hair growth serums or shampoos! The key to stopping hair loss at the root is whether you can seize the optimal treatment time. Therefore, once you notice any abnormal changes in your hair, you should immediately undergo a scalp examination. As long as the hair follicles have not completely atrophied, it is not too late to take action.

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RGA Hair Restoration Treatment

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RGA Hair Restoration Treatment

Technology: The cutting-edge technology isolate, concentrates, and activates progenitor cells extracted from health scalp/ hair follicies by mechanical disaggregation. It activates the regenration of blood vessel networks for an area up to 500cm, nuturing denser and healtheir hairs. The treatment ony takes 30 minutes without affecting normal life. Minimally invasive, cell viability up to 93%. Results last for up to 2 years.

[Targeted Concerns]

Excessive hair loss, M-shaped hairline, male pattern baldness, patchy hair loss, receding hairline, sparse and fine hair, brittle hair, widened hairline, scalp oiliness, and hair damage due to frequent dyeing or perming

Causes of Hair Loss

Damaged Hair Follicles

There are many reasons that can cause excessive hair loss. Some of the causes are genetic, while others are due to hormonal changes, including pregnancy and menopause. Hair care practices such as frequent dyeing or perming, high levels of stress, lack of protein and poor nutrition, or cancer treatments can also directly affect hair follicles. When hair follicles are affected by external factors, they may shrink or even die, resulting in hair loss that cannot be regrown, leading to thinning hair or baldness.

Why RGA Hair Restoration Treatment

See Results in Just 30 Days

After completing the treatment, you can see significant hair growth, thickness, and shine within just 30 days. Your hair and scalp will be restored to a healthier state, with a highly effective improvement in hair loss. Hair regrowth results will become even more apparent after 2 months.

Result Lasts for up to 2 Years

With just one treatment, the process is convenient and fast, and the hair regrowth effect can last for up to 2 years.

Short Treatment Time, Minimal Invasion

The treatment involves extracting a small amount of growth factors and cells from the occipital area of the head, creating extremely small wounds on the scalp. The entire procedure can be completed in just 30 minutes, and you can wash your hair 24 hours after the treatment. The recovery period is very short.


The treatment utilizes native hair cells and matrix growth factors from your own scalp, which can effectively reduce the risk of rejection and minimize the burden on your body, compared to other hair growth drugs that may cause external irritation. This approach achieves a rejuvenating hair growth effect.

RGA Hair Restoration Treatment

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Professional Scalp Analysis

Life Young's Hair and Scalp Care Experts use the professional ARAM-HUVIS Analyzer from Korea to perform scalp analysis for customers. The device can observe the condition of the scalp, the number of atrophied hair follicles, scalp health, density, and other factors, allowing for accurate analysis and judgment of the severity of scalp conditions. Based on the results, the experts can provide relevant recommendations for treatment.

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Personalised Advice

Our professional doctors will explain the theory, technology, things to note and steps of the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment , and discuss and evaluate with you to personalise a treatment plan, including treatment areas and the needs of your hair, etc.

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Pre-treatment Care

On the day before the treatment, customers are required to stop using all hair growth products. On the day of the treatment, customers should wash their hair beforehand. The doctor will ensure that the customer is comfortable and does not experience any discomfort before proceeding with the treatment.

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The Treatment is led by a professional registered doctor, and the treatment typically takes 30 minutes. The doctor will first extract a small amount of growth factors from the occipital area of the customer's head, and then inject them into the treatment area, followed by a light massage. Throughout the treatment process, the doctor will continuously monitor and assess the customer's condition, striving to achieve a balance between treatment effectiveness and comfort.

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Post-treatment Follow-up

After completing the treatment, a professional consultant will ask you about your thoughts and opinions on the treatment, and observe your skin’s reaction to the treatment. After making sure everything is fine, they will then go through the aftercare to ensure the most optimal treatment results.

Proven Results

A Comparison of Various Hair Rejuvenation Technologies

RGA Hair Restoration Treatment
Hair Transplants
Hair Growth Medication
Extract matrix growth factors from the healthy scalp , and then injected into the hair loss area
Removes hair follicles from areas that are not subjected to hair loss, and plants it on the balding parts
Uses light and heat energy to stimulate the scalp
Ingredients can inhibit enzymes to reduce DHT concentration
After 30 days
6-9 months after treatment
Noticeable results only after 12 weeks
At least 6 months after medication
Lasting Time
Up to 2 years
Generally a longer period of time
1-2 years
Must be taken continuously, once stopped, the effects will fade
Minimally invasive
An invasive surgery with the need of anaesthesia and painkillers, a scar will also be left on the scalp
Minimally invasive
Possible side effects include insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc.
Number of Treatments
1-2 treatments
1-2 treatments
Long-term treatment
Long-term treatment
  • Instant results and lasting time may vary across different skin types, age, the extent of ageing, lifestyles and eating habits.
  • The results photos are provided by the manufacturer.
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