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Are you troubled by your body shape and can’t seem to get your weight down? Have you thrown away all your sleeveless shirts because of your flabby arms? It’s a warning sign for not just your body shape, but also your health. As EMSCULPT NEO™ approved treatment centre, Life Young has brought the latest Emsculpt Neo™ and Emsculpt Neo Edge™ Bodybuilding Treatment to men and women who pursue a healthy body shape. In just 30 minutes, build 25% more muscle, burn 30% fat, improve diastasis recti by 19% and reduce waist circumference by 5.9cm with zero effort. Get your body ready and irresistible, anytime is showtime!

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EMSCULPT NEO™ Bodybuilding Treatment
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Emsculpt NeoTM Bodybuilding Treatment

Theory: The first and only in the world, Emsculpt Neo™ uses the all-new patented dual-technology. The HIFEM+™ technology goes deep into the muscle tissues and triggers muscle contractions to build up muscle mass while relieving the aches and soreness after an exercise. The Synchrode™ heats up the fat layer to 45oC to permanently destroy fat cells before being excreted from the body naturally to reduce the thickness of the fat layer. 4 treatments = 12-16 weeks of high-intensity training to form fit & firm body curves.
[Targeted Areas]

Thighs, calves, inner & outer thighs, arms, rectus abdominis muscle, abdomen, buttocks, waists, lateral abdomen

Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

No perseverance, no time

Other than working on training that is not suitable for you, losing weight is a constant effort. “I’ve decided to exercise 2 hours everyday, for a whole month. I swear I’m never touching snacks again.” This comes to everyone’s mind every year, but it’s all talk and no action. The target you’ve set is based on that moment of motivation. You will last for a couple of days before giving up. Moreover, city dwellers are so busy with their everyday lives, they might just want to have a good meal and a good night’s sleep after work. During the holidays, they’d rather spend time with friends and families to relax. There is already no spare time, let alone the motivation to workout consistently.

Why Emsculpt Neo™ Bodybuilding Treatment?

Visible Results

7 medical reports prove it can build 25% muscles and burn 30% fat in 4 weeks with 4 treatments.

Quick & Convenient

Each treatment takes about 30 minutes, suitable for people who are busy with work and sit all day long with no exercise. Perfect for those who want a healthy body shape in a short period of time and those who want to further define their curves.

Medically Proven

There are a lot of fat-burning technologies like cryolipolysis, laser and HIFU in the market. But there isn't any data/FDA approval to back them up. EMSCULPT NEO™ is the only one in the world with the dual approval from U.S. FDA and EU CE, and real-life clinical data to prove it can burn fat while building muscle.

Emsculpt Neo™ Bodybuilding Treatment Steps

Step 1
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Professional Fat Analysis

Life Young’s professional aesthetic experts will use the TEZEWA and DSM-BIA to precisely measure the 25 body composition metrics including weight, fat mass, muscle mass, body water ratio, BMI, body fat percentage, and more. They will then predict and analyse the body condition to provide a dietary and workout recommendation according to the conditions.

Step 2
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Personalised Opinion & Analysis

Our professional consultants will first understand your body condition, lifestyle, eating habits and the areas you want to improve on. They will then explain the theory, technology, things to note and steps of the Emsculpt Neo™ Bodybuilding Treatment, and provide a detailed evaluation and analysis on the problems, before personalising a slimming goal and plan, including treatment areas and energy, etc.

Step 3
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Pre-treatment Care

Life Young’s professional consultants will first measure the size of the treatment area and take a photo to record the progress after each treatment; then test on a small treatment area with low energy to ensure there aren’t any adverse reactions before performing the full treatment procedure.

Step 4
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When the tip touches the skin, you might feel a warm sensation and muscles contracting, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Therapists will constantly ask you for reassurance to strike a balance between treatment results and comfort.

Step 5
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Post-treatment Follow-up

After completing the treatment, a professional consultant will ask you about your thoughts and opinions on the treatment, and observe your skin’s reaction to the treatment. After making sure everything is fine, they will then go through the aftercare to ensure the most optimal treatment results.

Proven Results

A Comparison of Various Fat-Reducing Technologies

Combines patented HIFEM+™ and Synchonode™ to deposit energy deep into the muscle and fat layers, fully enhancing the muscle building and fat reduction effect.
Patented HIFEM+™ contracts the muscle at a high frequency to increase muscle mass while reducing fat.
Uses vacuum pressure and a designated low temperature to heat and kill the fat cells before being excreted from the body, needs to complement other treatments to tighten the curves.
Muscle Increased
Fat Burned
Butt Lift
Diastasis Recti Improvements
Noticeable Results
After 2 weeks
After 2 weeks
After 8-12 weeks
Slight post-exercise muscle sore
Slight post-exercise muscle sore
Non-invasive treatment
No risks, non-invasive, painless, no downtime
No risks, non-invasive, painless, no downtime
Might cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or nerve damage
  • Instant results and lasting time may vary across different skin types, age, the extent of ageing, lifestyles and eating habits.
  • The results photos are provided by the manufacturer.
Terms and Conditions