Turning Back the Wheels of Time. Kelly Chueng and Him Law's Top Pick

Kelly Cheung and Him Law highly recommend Life Young, the top-notch medical beauty center for reversing the beginning of youth.

Rejuvenating Skin, Body Shape and Hair Simultaneously!

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Most people know that the skin needs regular care and prevention to delay the signs of aging, but unfortunately, the true age can still be visible on the skin. Kelly Cheung, who has maintained her youthful appearance and body shape after being in the entertainment industry for 10 years, and the veteran actor Him Law, emphasized that it is important to keep the body young from head to toe. Simply taking care of the skin is not enough, as the body shape and hair also need early and consistent care. Both of them only trust FDA-certified medical beauty technologies, and the newly launched brand, Life Young, has become their recent favorite. Despite their busy schedules, they make time for custom-tailored anti-aging treatments by the experts at Life Young.

With Life Young, you can reverse your age to your early 20s in terms of your hair, body shape, and skin age.

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Kelly and Him have full confidence that Life Young is the starting point for reversing the beginning of aging. They have become spokespersons for Life Young and shared their beautiful journey of reversing their age at the flagship store opening ceremony at Harbour City on 10 December, 2023. They invited friends on the scene to embark on a comprehensive journey of rejuvenation together. In the new year, they recommend Life Young's custom-tailored beauty treatments, including skin care, body shaping, and hair care, to live younger and younger!

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Life Young achieves the pinnacle of medical beauty with its all-FDA certified medical beauty technologies, providing each individual with a personalized anti-aging experience at its state-of-the-art facilities. Life Young is a santuary of beauty for those who aspire to live younger, trusting in cutting-edge technology and expert professionalism that combines medicine and aesthetics. It offers comprehensive anti-aging services that cater to individual needs and characteristics. The professional medical team at Life Young first uses advanced analytical instruments to deconstruct the client's skin, body shape, and hair condition, needs, and problems. Based on their medical and beauty expertise, they create a tailored and comprehensive program that is unique to each individual, using FDA-certified advanced equipment and precise timing planning to achieve sustained and comprehensive rejuvenation, bringing the client back to their initial youthful state.

Life Young is the NO. 1 Thermage® FLX specialty store, with experienced doctors in charge of body sculpting and shaping, exclusively creating perfect body lines for both men and women. alt text

Kelly and Him both agree that to have an enviable goddess-like face shape and body lines, they would choose Life Young's "Thermage® FLX Intelligent Tightening Treatment"! Thermage® treatment uses patented monopolar radiofrequency technology to stimulate collagen deep in the skin, instantly tighten the skin and continuously sculpt contours. Its efficacy and safety are both highly mature, with results lasting for up to one year after just one treatment. Moreover, as a Thermage® specialty store, official authorized treatment center, and 20th-anniversary designated celebration partner, Life Young works together with Thermage® to develop unique and personalized methods, targeting every aspect of the face and body to achieve a perfect overall shape with firmness and tightness.

Advocated by Hollywood stars - Signature TUS Flawless Lifting Treatment alt text

Life Young has an international perspective and understands that a youthful appearance cannot be achieved through a single method. With reference to world-class solutions and repeated clinical testing, theSignature TUS Flawless Lifting Treatment has been proven effective in providing flawless and natural skin. This treatment combines patented monopolar radiofrequency technology, focused ultrasound technology, and multiple pulse light wave technology to precisely target different layers of the skin for a three-in-one tightening, lifting, and rejuvenating effect, activating a synergistic effect to create a youthful V-shaped contour from the start.

Learn more:http://bit.ly/3X6Megl

Kelly: It's not just a problem for men! Women also want to have youthful and healthy hair! alt text

Having healthy and full-bodied black hair is a great way to add points to your youthful appearance! Therefore, just like taking care of your skin from the first appearance of fine lines, an increase in scalp oil is also a warning sign that the first enemy is wreaking havoc! Life Young uses multiple certified instrument technologies such as FDA and CE to start with scalp emergency treatment and penetrate hair follicle cells, re-oxygenating and revitalizing the hair, rebuilding a youthful hair quality and style.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/3W95ubI

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During the opening period and approaching the holiday season, Life Young has prepared a series of limited-time offers, including the Signature Hair Rejuvenation Trio, whitening and spot removal treatment, Botox® shaping treatment, EMSCULPT NEO™ treatment, and a free collagen-activating and regenerating treatment with Venus Viva®! If you want to shine in the new year and live younger, why not join Life Young Couture and experience a personalized medical beauty program!

Register: https://bit.ly/3X3orxH

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